Beyoncé's begins the "Countdown"

Beyoncé's been letting me down with this pregnancy. According to my schedule, this bitch is supposed to be on the second leg of her 4 world tour in Burkina Faso and pussy popping her way through the "Single ladies" routine 5 days a week and cocking her legs open like she's not carrying the weight of an Xbox 360 in her stomach. But all she's done is launch her garbage clothing line in London and nothing else. It looks like Amazonian empress will still be dropping "Countdown" from 4, but she won't promote it. She should and the bitch knows she could. But she won't, because she's having too much damn fun being pregnant and doing nothing. You just wait and see. This robotic trick is gonna love motherhood so much that she will leave 6 years gaps in between albums the second Decepticon Carter-Knowles is born.

She looks cute. The video looks like a 60's equivalent of "Video phone", but without the Gaga and the epileptic inducing cutting. I hate "Countdown". I f**king hate it. The beat sounds like a drum line gangbang in the back of a Dodge pick up. It makes "Run the world (Tramps)" sound like a millennial classic worthy of a Grammy.

Beyoncé's 'Countdown' music video (Sneak peek) @ Toya'z world


  1. This shit is gonna flop harder than "RTW" and PUHLEASE this vid is a mess, it looks cheaper than Britney's old weave...

  2. deception does not approve of this song!


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