Crystal Kay is ready for her "Superman" + movie and album news!

Well I'll be damned. Crystal Kay is on that promo game! One Sony label kicked to the curb, a Universal contract intact and already we're seeing signs of positive change. Way to go! Let's hope the momentum picks up and stays consistent.

Crystal Kay's comeback single will be titled "Superman" and will be released on December 14th. Crystal shot a short video of herself on the set of the music video, in which you can also clearly hear the song and it sounds like that classic CK crack.

Crystal's music videos have always been whack affairs, with things only getting interesting when she's shot video's with M-Flo. So one would hope that her departing from Sony music will mean a new direction for her visuals - because they have always been lackluster to the point of letting the songs down. Only with "Flash" did we get something. But even with that, it got old quickly and shit didn't get poppin' until the end when Crystal started walkin' that walk like she owned Japan.

There's still no word on an album. But we know it's coming. And we also know how this dance goes in Japan. So I wouldn't expect Crystal to drop anything until April or May. She is currently recording it though and had tweeted that she had recorded 4 songs in one day. (EAT THAT BEYONCÉ!!)

Crystal is also hard at work doing some voice over work for the Japanese dub of Happy feet 2. Crystal will be voicing the character of Gloria (of whom P!nk voiced for in the International version) and will also be recording songs for the film: Chaka Khan's "Ain't nobody", Queen and David Bowie's "Under pressure" and Janet Jackson’s "Rhythm nation". I cannot wait to hear Crystal's rendition of "Ain't nobody", because her voice and musical style will suit that song down to a tee.

Lots to look forward to from CK's new beginnings and everything seems to be right on track! If Delicious deli fall off with this woman, I will fly to Japan and throw hot katsu in staff's faces.


  1. It's funny I know ppl use the word comeback a lot in Japan but to me a comeback is when an artist crashes and burns(you know, drugs, alcohol, jail, sex tapes etc.) and gets themselves together and gets their career back on track. Well anyway things are very positive. She certainly seems very happy and excited. And I'm excited too. A question, she tweeted that Superman has already started playing on the radio so why wait until Dec. to release it? Boa's single is dropping in Dec. also and that's getting airplay as well.

  2. Japan tend not to really use the term comeback all that often, if ever. It's in Korea where that term gets thrown around every time an artist releases a new song. I don't think they know what that shit means over there *lol*

    Crystal fell right off after her "The best of Crystal Kay" release. Flash flopped. Spin the music flopped. Tour got cancelled. That TV show she starred in as some crazed hacker ho did nothing for her career or popularity. And even there was NO promotion, no PV, no single release for "Time of love" and "Cannonball" despite it featuring in a high profile J-drama. Now she leaves Sony and is on a new label. Sure, Crystal didn't crash and burn in the Britney sense. But I'd definitely deem this a comeback for her. Because a lot will be riding on this phase of her career for it to take her to that next level in her career that she really should've been at years ago. If Crystal isn't able to do it with this new single / upcoming album, then I don't think she ever will.

  3. Sony has dropped the ball with her several times. I think Time of Love could have been a big hit for her considering the fact that it was a part of a popular J drama, and Japan loves them ballads. It should have been used to promote spin the music, and as much as I love journey I don't think it was lead single material; It's not a song that strikes you as anything amazing on a first listen. The whole way the album was rolled out was a mess, and it was destined to flop. I wish crystal the best, but you know every J-pop ho in Japan will be whoring themselves out for the holiday season. Although Everything seems to be falling in place for her, so there's no reason for her not to do well; she can't afford another flop. I feel like this phase of her career will determine whether or not she will continue to make music.

  4. I'm glad she's making changes w/her music career. Its def time for a change considering her recent flops. All I can do is stay positive & keep her in my prayers lol. I'm indeed a CK fan! But if she bombs again she'll need a gud ass whoopin.


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