Girls' generation give "The boys" 30 seconds...

Slave Monger entertainment have dropped a 30 second teaser of "The boys" and they mention in the teaser that this shit will indeed be getting a worldwide release. Don't ask. Just watch. And judge. And mull over how badly this shit is going to flop outside of Korea.

I cannot believe Slave Monger entertainment are giving this a worldwide release when there has been ZERO promotion and it's as clear as SooYoung's rib cage that not all of these girls' have been attending those English lessons. Although in their defence, I wonder when they hell they'd have time. I don't get why SM picked an Engrished out section of the song for a teaser and why there is Engrish at all when there are 2 members of the group who can speak perfect English and then there's Taeyeon who enunciates her English really well.

I know I'll have mo' shit to say when the song and video drop in full. I won't say a damn thing about that dance routine or Sunny's hair until the full video drops. Not a damn thing.


  1. LOL, I can not WAIT for this to drop.
    Don't leave us hanging about Sunny's hair please.
    Also i heard on the grapevine that tiffany wrote the english lyrics and that Yoona is the rapper we hear in the begining...

  2. I don't like it. Not one Bit. This shit is going to crash and burn like sooyoung's car in that accident she recently got into.

  3. i don't really mind it, but i don't see a worldwide release doing very well for them. as much as i'd love to see them blow up, there's MUCH better out there from lesser established performers that will do better than this tho.
    but them SNSD girls sure got some cute swag on em! :D

  4. They actually want to release this in the States... God help them.
    Girl groups have been gone for a while there... and nine anorexically skinny girls shouting like cheerleaders is just... No. No.

  5. This is such a weak debut omfg, these are the girls that made songs like "Genie" and "Hoot"! Even BoA's debut in the US was hotter than this shit.

  6. Ming said......and nine anorexically skinny girls shouting like cheerleaders is just... No. No.

    LMAO, I can't, I just can't. There's no words to describe......

  7. Honestly, it ain't that bad. The cipher personalities will hurt the marketing, but it could do mildly respectable (if they market themselves as the anonymous dance/pop act that they are.)

  8. BAHA. I've been waiting all week for you to get your claws into this.. xD
    As much as I like the chorus I feel NO sympathy for the girls accountants when this shit burns up in the States


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