Juno and Ayu pose it up for LANDS of Eden's clothing range

Ayu's on dem boys. First she gets married to an Austrian model. then she collaborates with Naoya Urata twice. Then she collaborates with Juno for her mini album Five and fronts a campaign with him. Yen is not enough. Ayu wants that peen in clutch purse.

Ayu knows she's wrong as hell for that third pose. It's hot in a souless robot-faced kinda way. But she is putting her marriage on the line. Manny needs to check his ho.

Some of this LANDS of Eden shit is so damn overpriced. I would not spend 5,000 yen on a top which looks like it's been caught underneath the tyre of a bus. You could go to Primark or New look, buy a top on the cheap and just tear it. Or just wash it. Primark and New look clothes tear and stretch to shit on a first wash any way.

The shots look good though. Ayu's face still scares me with how lifeless and photoshopped it looks. But her poses at least show she has hints of life and I like how she ramped up teh sex appealz.


  1. I've been wanting to say this for awhile....
    these clothes are just overpriced crap. That is all.


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