Music video: David Guetta featuring Usher - Without you

I can't stand David Guetta. Every time I hear a song he's had a hand in, I feel like he's sneezing into my mouth. So it pains me to admit that I really do like this song. It stinks of Daft Punk, which is a huge part of why I like it, because I me some Daft punk.

I'm sure we can all expect Usher's next studio album to be littered with David Guetta, Max Martin and Dr. Luke productions. Along with Jermaine Dupri and Polow da Don's attempts at generic dance fused pop. Along with generous helpings of vocal filteres, vocoders and auto-tune. "DJ got us fallin' in love" was just the prelude. And this right here is a sign of things to come. Usher's new album will sound about as R&B as Adam Lambert's debut. And it will be sounding like a Ke$ha and Katy Perry record.

N***a needs to cut his damn hair too. It looks horrible. I don't know what it is with this black dudes in the music game thinking that they're so famous that they can walk around with their hair looking nappy ass messes. If you're going to grow that shit, at least run a comb and some Blue magic through that shit.


  1. I get a Leona Lewis - Collide vibe from this! Don'tcha think?


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