Music video: Rihanna featuring Calvin Harris - We found love

I hated this video when I first watched it. She's trying too hard. This is just a 4 minute episode of Skins. But the more I watched it, the more I liked it and came to the conclusion that it is a really f**king good video. One of the Bajan pigeon's best.

It's a video you have to scratch the surface of before you see there is some form of substance there...aside from the drugs. Initially you're caught by the Bajan pigeon looking a tramp, acting a skank and overly trying to be the bad girl. But beneath it all, you begin to see that this could be the first creative outlet alluding to her relationship with Chris Brown. And that what you see in this video encapsulates a generation in today's world.

I still can't stand the song, but this video does it a lot of justice and also a greater context and I can't hate on the Bajan pigeon's IMAX Forehead for that.


  1. i really love this video, it made me like the song more. I agree with somebody that said this video should be made into an actual film starring Rihanna and that (hot) boy it would be amazing, i wanted to just get drunk and run around the streets with someone after watching it though haha and P.S i love Rihanna's new hair :)

  2. I hated this video at first, watched it agin and still hate it :S I literally thought all of the above, tryhard, it's just skins.

    And she looks smelly loll


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