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Nakata has Nocchi selling sex like chicken on a skewer at a time sale at a local Family mart. Mouth suggestively open in one shot. Bent right over in another. I love her. Dem legs.

Perfume's new single "Spice" will release on November 2, with their serially long awaited album JPN releasing on November 30. The song "Glitter" will act as a B-side and not a secondary A-side as was originally thought. A real shame, considering that "Glitter" sounds like it has the makings of being THE BEST J-POP SONG TO RELEASE THIS YEAR!! But there's no doubt in my mind that "Spice" will give me everything. Because Perfume have not put a foot wrong with the singles from " Fushizen na girl" on-wards.

These girls had better work in the music video and that shoe game had better be on upgrade.

Album review: Perfume play their Game


  1. omg i have been playing Perfume to DEATH the last few days :D "laserbeam" is so amazing and the vid is fantastic. I love how they're always improving and getting better.

    Yes girls i see you upgraded to Louboutine's now lets take em up an inch or two ;D

  2. Their shoes in Laser beam were already Louboutin's. What more could you expect? :)


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