Dead Britney to judge on The X-Factor US. Oh, lawd.

The X-Factor US hot mess judge panel | WTF?

Britney is a judge on The X-Factor. Along with a n***a who can't keep the account books balanced at record labels and a girl who got hit from the back by a Jonas brother and tried to act like she was going off the rails for attention to sell records. How contestants is going to keep straight faces from these three without an IV drip of constant botox to the forehead, I have no idea.

Britney was one of the most successful and powerful stars in the game. WAS. This woman is just an empty carton of orange juice now. I look into her eyes...and I see nothing. I do not see that girl who was popping her p***y wearing a nude body suit in a gyroscope to "Oops!...I did it again" or slid across the floor and mounted a n***a on stage to "I'm a slave 4 U" at the VMA's. Britney died giving birth to her second child. This woman we have now is an indoctrinated ho who is running on Reaper tech which was excavated and commissioned by the Illusive man and then sold to her father. I have no idea who this Soccer mom is or of her current relevance.

I can't see how this is going to work for Britney. She's been deadpan for the past 3 years. Having no charisma, emotion or passion for a damn thing. She won't ever say a performance is bad. She's just say non-constructive shit like 'That was cool' and 'That was kinda' neat. Britney represented the type of star every body wanted to be as big as. But her lack of passion now just raises questions. If Britney at least still had some person-ability and energy to her despite the lack of singing and dancing ability, this would be something. But she just has NOTHING to her now. She can't even get herself a solid weave. Yes, her weave above doesn't look horrendous, but it's still iffy and not on that 2001 weave game old Britney was on. I can't see how Britney is going to cope with mentoring a group of hopefuls and having them believe in her, when she looks as though she doesn't even believe in herself.

Props to her puppet master Jason Trawick for getting her the gig though. He best hope that the $9+ million doesn't come at the expense of ruining her name on national television. Because this could backfire on Britney just as easily as it could work in her favour.

Here's what Mariah thinks about this whole mess.

What Mariah thinks of The X-Factor US judge panel... | #thatshitcray


  1. Simon's face looks like it's midway between being Ben Grimmm and the Thing. I'm not that familiar with him so maybe he always looks this way.

  2. I don't get why EVERYONE just has to hate on Britney, in the words of Chris Crocker translated by Chris Rock "LEAVE THE BITCH ALONE".
    Seriously... I want old Britney back as much as the next person but she doesn't deserve to be insulted and vilified for not being able to perform like she used too or give the same interviews she used too especially when she's such a nice person.
    I didn't want her to do this but now she's pocketed the $15,000,000 maybe (just maybe) her having to be on the desk where Larry's taser can't reach her some of her personality might shine through. The most annoying thing for me is that the media is gonna be on her back like they were in 2007 just to sell papers and they're gonna start that old Britney V Xtina shit up again...

    P.S *DEAD* at Simon scraping his loose change from signing Britney together and getting Demi with it.

    1. Oh, please. Pot, kettle, black? Your hate tweet on one artist with one hand and then wipe tears over people not leaving your fave alone with the other.

      What EVERYONE is saying in regards to Britney being a judge on The X-Factor isn't hating, it's fact. She's a shadow of her former self and isn't in a fit enough state to handle her own career let alone be responsible for the fates of others. This keeps getting brought up because Britney is continually being put into situations where this is / will be highlighted.

    2. The diference is that Britney even in her current state can drop a hot song, the only thing Nicki (who i know you're referring too)can drop is the standard of hip-hop.
      Plus Britney is a nice person, Nicki is a bitch.

  3. i've gotta agree with J on this one. at first, i was quie excited at the prospect of brit brit gettin' her paper, as always, but i'm very afraid this is going to turn out worse than paula at american idol. she'll be the butt of every joke, folks will have all types of stuff to say (like they don't already) and the media will eat her alive for her inconsistency and eccentricity. i'll be a britney fan til the day i die, but i know i'm about to stop commenting on these posts cause sh*t is gon get ugly in the future.

  4. I've never watched the X-factor and honestly never plan on doing so. But I really do hope this works out for Britney. She's a kind and gentle soul and I think being on this show will help her in the long run. She has paid her dues and this endeavor is a nice change of pace for her.

    But why in the eight worlds is Demi Lovato being added to the judge panel? Like seriously.

  5. Britney Spears judging a singing competition is surely a sign of the end times.

    I mean...this is all just a bad joke, right?

  6. I have been saying the same thing as J for years. Britney is an empty husk and former shell of herself controlled by a tiny, sad alien that operates her unsophisticated robot body. I say unsophisticated because that model can't pull off anything more than a few sit-n-spins, arm waves, turns, and jumps in substitution for decent choreography.

    I really do feel bad for the girl because she has been through a great deal over the last few years. Why she decided to subject herself to the scrutiny that she is about to endure for judging a singing competition is far beyond my level of comprehension. Maybe if they can replace her with a holographic representation of herself back in her "In the Zone" days, she has some hope of holding on to a shred of credibility. Otherwise, this is going to be more tragic than the Titanic sinking.

    I bet they just solicited the poor girl to be on the show just so people can tune in to see the train wreck in action, and for that I believe that this is an act of cruel and unusual punishment. I thought that Britney was going to take a mental and physical break after "Femme Fatale" to get herself together and potentially come back a few years later with a Madonna like sense of rejuvenation, but this will probably set her back another 10 years with all of the bad publicity and negative feedback that she is about to endure.

  7. i just don't understand why she would do it. but then again, i don't understand why she does anything at this point. the girl's heart is not in it, anyone can see that. and this isn't 'american idol' where she just has to judge performances. she's gonna have to mentor here. i'm sorry, but this bitch has said three words in the last three years. it takes soooo much to be a tv personality, especially on a show like 'x-factor' (did she not see nicole scherzinger get EATEN ALIVE last year?). this just spells trouble for her. but simon will get what he wants: ratings.
    also, lol at the people saying how good of a person she is. how the hell do you know?


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