Crystal Kay posts a Vlog after the Unbreakable spirit event

Crystal Kay uploaded a vlog. It's all in Japanese, but I've provided a translation for you.

Here is my translation:
Hi every body. Long time no see. I'm here, just got done with the live Unbreakable spirit thingy. Did ya'll see me whip my hair to "Forever"!? Yeah, that shit was awesome! I had mad fun!! Almost lost me one of my colour clip ins in though... Anyway! Unbreakable spirit! Okay. For those who don't know it's a charity to help raise money and awareness for those in need of aid as a result of last years' tsunami and earthquake. This is the first time I've ever done anything like this and I'm sooooo proud to be a part of it.

I'd always wanted to be a part of a meaningful event for a good cause, but Sony didn't want me out in public doing anything which could help others or help me sell a record. But having left those c**ts I was FINALLY able to be a part of something big to help the people of Japan. And I'm so glad that everybody is coming together, the staff, you guys, the fans, everybody...for something which is dear to my heart and will go on to help so many people. So, thank you so much!

It was amazing to look into the crowd as I was poppin' my p***y to "Superman" to see so many of you wearing the Unbreakable spirit t-shirts and wrist bands. I was SOOOO touched that I could barely make it through the song. I was missing notes and shit, dayum. See how you sons of bitches be getting to me!? LOL! Shoot. I love ya'll.

Even though the the live event is over, you are still able to buy Unbreakable spirit merchandise. Please do, because the proceeds will go directly towards helping those in need. But be sure to save a couple yen for my album though, okay!? Your homegirl needs dat money too. A chicks gotsta live. I can't survive another flop n***a, shoot!

Well, that's all for now. I'm gonna get changed and hit a ramen spot with Rika and my girls. So, I'll speak to ya'll later. See ya!!


  1. I. AM. DONE.
    #DEAD at your translation, J.

  2. OMD... I actually thought that was real until it got to the c**t bit lmao...
    When you wrote about Sony not wanting her to sell a record I was like "OMD CRYSTAAAAAAAAAAAAAL" lmao
    Love it.

  3. LOL
    At least you understand some parts better than me so thanks anyway lol

  4. Yo Homegurl needs dat money too!


  5. 0:14 daaayuuum where that shit came from?

    1. smh nigga you aint right you bar for that


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