Music video: Girls' generation - Paparazzi

It would be nice to get a Girls' generation video which is a bit more dynamic, fun and has more of a context wrapped around the dance sections. Their videos are ALWAYS just a case of all of the girls in matching outfits (or variations of the same outfit), dancing on two to three different sets. Why weren't the pap shots, hotel scenes and the girls amongst the paparazzi generously inter-cut with the main part of the video, instead of being segregated into an overlong intro? Why couldn't we see the day-to-day paparazzi intrusion of Girls' generation played out in the video? The being hounded in airports. The car chases. On the run through the streets. Splashes of news articles and fictional tweets. Sunny snatching cameras in the club. Sooyoung being snapped sticking her fingers down her own throat. Such a missed opportunity to give us a video treatment which goes beyond when we'd expect from these girls. Because no matter the song style, the video will always follow the same formula.

I listen to this song and I' There is a good song in there somewhere, because I can hear it. But it's a little lost. The verses aren't catchy. The chorus doesn't stick and the song just doesn't hold. Just as I think I'm getting into things YOINK! I'm taken out of the song by a new verse with a new rhythmic pattern with no segway. I'm no Japanese expert. I'm not even a novice. But Girls' generation's Japanese sounds off to me. Their enunciation is slurred and mumbly in places, just another thing which makes it harder for me to get into this song. I don't understand Korean. But when these girls sing in it, I can hear the words and recite them back, even if I have no idea what I'm saying. Can't always say the same when they sing in Japanese.


  1. I don't understand why you don't like this? It's the same type of polished pop that they had before with "Mr. Taxi", the only difference being the large amount of oohlala's and other such noises. I don't get it. SM just aren't about MV's that really utilize a concept so I'm not too pressed about that, I'm just happy that they finally used a box set that doesn't actually look like a box set. I think what is most interesting though was the "Singing in the Rain" bits, I mean there were days when SNSD NEVER had an MV where they weren't giggling and posing and bouncing around with each other. I think SME is finally accepting that these girls are grown up and are carving out their own parts of the industry for themselves, showcased by how they join each other coming from separate angles and how they leave by themselves as well.

    1. "carving out their own parts of the industry for themselves"


    2. Is that a joke? I meant apart from the group as a whole. The SNSD of yesteryear had that whole "Nothing without Nine" thing going, but now SME isn't afraid to have the girls do solo projects. Hyoyeon -> DWTS, TTS, Yuri, Sooyoung and Yoona had dramas, Jessica doing whatever Jessica does. They're all doing well in their given fields, namely Hyoyeon and TTS.

    3. maybe what mr.david mean is musically speaking.

      all i know is that their whole music career is created by SM ent., not leaving their single personal touch in song-making or making the lyric

  2. I know what you mean J - I can grasp certain parts of the song (mostly the English phrases such as "boom boom" and something about a car chase?) but the rest I just forget. I've heard it 5 times now, wouldn't be able to hum the tune to you.

  3. I don't get the appeal for SNSD, I really don't. Maybe I'm used to bad-ass fierce girl groups like Destiny's Child and Pussycat Dolls, even Spice Girls LOL.

    Song is meh.

  4. what was going on there? i'm confused too -- the song the styling, the choreo, all of it was too much! i couldn't catch song structure, the styling of those first outfits were hideous, and the choreo looked like they were just running all over the stage. kinda disappointing. a rare miss for snsd. i'm scared to watch this live.

  5. Ah come on their japanese isnt that bad... listen to 2ne1's japanese songs, absolutely horrid!


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