Namie sells big in her first day with Uncontrolled. Shits on hoes without trying.

Namie has done zero promotion for Uncontrolled. I can count on one hand how many radio interviews she has done to plug this album and this bitch has not stepped foot in a television studio to so much as bow at an audience. She has done NOTHING. And yet she managed to drag Ayu's wig through a bush, flush Kumi's clip on nails down a toilet, hand non certificated bitches at Avex their P45's and run those Vision factory stocks. And this is all before she's woken up Haruto to get ready for school and fixed up his Frosties and lunch time bento.

Ploponesque's first day sales 40,768
Farty queen's first day sales 27,338
Uncontrolled 104,562

My maths is horrendous. But I don't need no online calculamator to tell me that Namie pushed more in her first day than Kumi and Ayu combined. And that she also pushed more units in her opening day than Ayu and Kumi managed to shift in their first week.


Namie doesn't give a damn how much you don't like Uncontrolled and what you think about dem English versions of "Go round" and "Yeah-oh". She still pushed more in her first day than your fave managed to push in a year. I think we know who be running Avex and keeping n***as on the payroll and it sho'a s hell ain't Ayu.


  1. I'm a fan of all of these women, but I can't help but laugh at these numbers. Ayu has to be pissed. Not only did Kumi sell more than her, but Namie went and sold 4-times more than what she did.

  2. Good job, Namie! ;-)

  3. GRRRRR good for Namie but people need to stop hating on Ayu, If she (and Kumi) got the kind of treatment Namie gets from Avex they'd both be selling those numbers too instead of being miled like (cash) cows and getting declining sales.
    Oh well, The Empress is still on her 40 date tour selling out Arenas and cashing those cheques.
    I will need Ayu to come good with this new single from "A summer best" though (more than a $3.00 video budget too ffs) and Kumi better get herself into some anti natal pussy popping classes because I know she's gonna be working the MILF angle lol

    1. HAHA.
      Namie is probably the one that was treated the worst.
      Sure, she has caught Avex's eyes, now.

      MUCH less promotion, and she doesn't have Max Matsuura as her lap dog.

      Ayumi can blame her declining sales on herself. Bad marketing, image and composer decisions; girl had all of Avex's budget for a loooong time.

    2. Treated the worst of the three. Namie has stated that in this point of her career she has the freedom to do what she wants and im sure ayu an kuu do to. Theyre their own damn fault for being s release whores. I refuse to belive avex releases albums w/o their permission.

    3. Especially albums like Party Queen, where a child could tell you it would sell poorly.

      No way Avex's marketing team was okay with that.

    4. I always say that any poor position that Ayu is in is her fault. She isn't some newcomer anymore who does what her label says. The reason Party Queen sold poorly is because she made stupid decisions leading up to of them being her marriage/divorce, which I don't think helped her public image at all.
      She will always be the highest selling female artist, though. So she has that.

    5. Yeah, Singles + Album wise.

      Utada has sold more Albums than her though.

    6. Well yeah if you count worldwide sales. If you go by the Oricon charts, Ayu sold more. 49.70 million compared to Utada's 35.72 million. But if Utada released music as often as Ayu she'd be way higher, probably close to Mr.Children...maybe B'z. I'd like to see Ayu's worldwide numbers, though.

    7. utada is actually around 50 million similar to ayu oricon just doesnt count downloads which are a big chunk of utada's sales

    8. Exactly.

      But I also forgot Ayumi's remix albums.

    9. If Oricon don't count downloads they they haven't counted Ayu's either so...

  4. Well... 3 days and she sold over 200k, so she just outsold Party Queen's and Japonesque's first week sales IN A WEEK TOGETHER in just THREE DAYS O.O

    Also, Best Fiction, Queen Of Hip Pop, Play, Past<Future and Checkmate! made it to the top 20 again... that's my queen :)

  5. I dunno how anyone would think Namie was treated worse than Ayu and Kumi when Namie gets like 2 years between albums, Kumi's dropped a remix album and is about to drop a new compilation album all before she's even managed to drop her baby and Ayu must have it in her contracts to release at least 1 studio album and 2 miscellaneous albums a year.
    Yes Ayu has Max Matsuura in her pocket because he owes a lot to her that doesn't mean she gets to do everything she wants, look at when he forced her to release "A Best" against her wishes the same week Utada released "Distance"...
    Yeah Ayu may have had a lot of the Avex budget for a long time and that was something she was known for, amazing videos and stuff but lets be real ever since "Rock N Roll Circus" Ayu's and every other bitch on Avex's budget has been dropping like mad, even Namie's videos all look like they cost $2.00 to make for this album...
    I do agree that Ayu messed up with party Queen PARTIALLY herself by not releasing any singles, not going on any shows to promote it and stuff but Avex have been slipping for a while...

    P.S Ayu has sold 33m albums in Japan, 52m total records.
    Utada sold 23m albums in Japan, 38m total records.

    I heard that Ayu's total with the rest of Asia is 75m though.

    1. A BEST was a looong time ago though, she's pretty much Queen of Avex now. It was before that awkward feud with Max and Yoda feud, where Ayu said she'd follow Max, and then coincidentally when he becomes CEO she's all "yeah, I'm dropping out of awards"...

      When Max pops it she'd probably just have to bat an eyelid to take over. Oh god, then all her PVs will be her walking her dogs on a beach with flashes of photos with her and her buddies Timmy, Leslie and Naoya. fml. Even AHS would hate that.

      and honestly, the more and more control Ayu has taken the worse she's got. She was all in control at her peak, but she KNEW what would make her popular, and she did it all right. Now she's just doing whatever the fuck she wants and we all realise what crappy taste she has.

      Ayu's discography is about five times the size of Utada's, so the makes Ayu's sales much less impressive.

      love from an Ayu stan xxxxxxxx

    2. I'm not saying Ayu is some slave, no doubt she probably gets the best treatment out of everyone on that lebel BUT I do believe that she isn't 100% happy about all these releases.
      Even though "A Best" was a long time ago she was still at the peak of her popularity around that time so if they forced her then they'd do it now.
      Also they've pushed her into taking endorsements she didn't want to do and she's spoken about being dissatisfied with being treated like a product in the past.
      About "Party Queen" I do believe Ayu has CREATIVE control over her albums it's the rapidity of releases I don't think she controlls... With "PQ" I think she's given her GBFF Timmy free run which is annoying, he's like that Rasputin to her Alexandra... (look it up), I loved his production and guest vocal on "Brilliante" that song is flawless and one of my faves from her ever and "HBYA" was ok too but his rap on "NaNaNa" ruined a n otherwise good (imo) song and him constantly being pushed in everyones face in her videos is also annoying, I feel like "PQ" was her being what HE thinks she should be rather than what she is.
      I also think she needs to stop delegating and start producing her own songs like she used to up until "Rainbow".
      About the sales yes Ayu has more albums but if you place them side by side Utada's sales have dropped faster than Ayu's, having said that Utada is still my fave and the Queen, Ayu is the Empress they both are the top of different kinds of things.

    3. "Utada's sales have dropped faster than Ayu's"

      This is wrong.

      Other than "this is the one" and her single collection, her Japanese album sales haven't dropped since 2006.

      Not to mention Goodbye Happiness sold 2 million while Ayu can barely manage a 100k single.

      Ayumi's album sales have halved with each album, Utada is still flat-lined.

    4. David if you put Ayu and Utada's albums side by side Utada's sales have dropped faster, the only album that she had which sold more than it's predecessor is "Heart Station" while Ayu has had a albums sell more than the one before and I think someone on Wikipedia has put 2m for "Goodbye happiness" without any real info because it was certified GOLD (100k) by the RIAJ.

  6. Just to shut down this whole "WHO HAS SOLD TEM MOSTEST UNITS OUT OF HIKARU UTADA AND AYUMI HAMASAKI" nonsense which is taking place, please remember one thing. Ayumi has released 13 Japanese studio albums, Hikaru Utada has released 5. So comparing their sales outright makes ZERO sense.

    1. It's not really a debate, the fact is Ayu has sold more whether she released more albums or not...
      I'm a Utada fan before an Ayu fan but if Utada had released music as often as Ayu I think her sales would be in a slump too no matter how good the quality of the album (which is a whole other subject, supply and demand).
      They're both amazing in their own ways so it doesn't really matter.

    2. "It's not really a debate, the fact is Ayu has sold more whether she released more albums or not..."

      This statement is stupid.

    3. How is it stupid lmao? It's fact... Ayu has sold more albums even if she's released more. Utada is still like the 2nd biggest(?) selling female artist in Japan. They're both like two sides of a coin for me, I love them both. I own every one of Utada's Japanese albums except her debut.

  7. Show me the receipts! lol j/k I hope Namie can handle the pressures of being the Cash Queen of Avex. I'm kind of wondering how she moved these units, though. She released every video and song off this album. But at least somebody's selling, so I can't be mad at that!

    1. She won't move a finger if she's Avex's cash queen... Ayu loves that shit, she lives for it (alsp her new covers are almost as bad as Kumi's those 2 bitches better stay away from the music bussiness for a while or they'll end up bald).

    2. But Ayu's been slipping as of late, and we know that Summer Best won't really sell anything. Then again, Kumi's album won't do any better. Namie is just making up for their slacking. So now she's the cash queen

  8. Namie Amuro being the Avex Cash Queen means we'll get more awesome music videos like during 60s70s80s and her releases won't be so shit since Namie actually takes her time with two year breaks in-between albums.


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