Music video: Girls' generation dance their dead cheerleading routine for the Japanese version of "Oh!"

I can't stand "Oh!". And I don't get why SM didn't do this video and Japanese-up the song for their debut Japanese album, but WHATEVER!

The girls look tired as hell in this video. As much as I couldn't stand the original, the girls were at least moving sharp, especially during the pre chorus section when Taeyeon first comes in. I remember being a little shocked at how quick and on point Taeyeon was moving. But here, she just didn't give a shit. None of the members looked as though they could be bothered other than SooYoung, who I'm convinced is on drugs.

"Oh!" is such a regressive song for SM to have Girls' generation release in Japan now. The girls' style was just beginning to evolve and they were finally beginning to look their age in "Run devil run", "Bad girl", performances of "The great escape" and "Paprazzi". And then they go and have the girls look like a bunch of under-age cheer-leaders again. What...the fack?!


  1. Wigs attached to scalps were in them lockers.

    This song drops snares on your eardrum and turns it into bass.

    These girls were on Fi-Ya flapping jackets and showing titty.

    This is what I have been waiting for and these girls delivered.

    To my doorstep. Free Shipping.

    Holla BaaaayBeee.

    What? BOOM.

  2. After all these years I still can't tell more than two or three of them apart. Whatever, not like it matters.

    Weird time to release this, but Japan will eat it up like the kawaii girl group fanatics they are.

  3. Eh Japan is just eating Girls Generation up because they fill up the K-pop niche market in there.

    KARA is like near death now while BoA's J-pop career is dead and cremated. THSK is just holding on but they'll never rise up higher without those three other members.

    Girls Generation fills that obligatory K-pop artist in Japan role.

  4. Aw, can't believe you don't like "Oh", J. Perhaps it was not squeezed correctly? :))

    J/K It wasn't a bad video, but "this song sounds dated" is an understatement. Didn't really like it then, don't really care for it now. The verses are addictive and I'd be spouting them out had I known what they were saying EVERY-DAMN-TIME!!!

  5. I hope they won´t include it on their upcoming 2nd japanese album tracklist (If Perfume omitted "Fake It" in JPN, why can´t SJJd do the same with this?). They need a consistently mature sound on that album.

  6. I love Oh! one of my all time fave SNSD. Obviously the korean version is better, mv and song. They just look so tired and old in this version.


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