Perfume take "Spending all my time" and make it 10x better with a live dance routine

Perfume - Spending all my time @ Summer sonic | Live performance

"Spending all my time" was my jam from the second I heard it in full. Whilst others are still slowly coming around to how amazing the song is, I continue to love it uncontrollably. I go days with it being the only song I listen to. And just when I thought I couldn't love the song any more than I already do, Perfume perform it live and shut the second day of the Summer sonic festival DOWN!! No video screens featuring an array of graphics and lights. No stage trickery. Not even a live vocal. Bitches didn't even have microphones. But the choreography...

Perfume vogued on hoes and gave spectators a routine which should have been included in the music video. Watching Perfume work this routine in those Alitalia airline dresses and the heels with the white socks would have made the video SO much better. The lack of a routine left a gaping hole in the music video that no amount of telekinetic slicing of apples and finger dancing could fill.

Why is A-chan always the member who goes down onto the floor? She's such a ho. I love her! Nocchi needs to put in work to win back my affection, because A-chan's taking it from a bitch. The face she was giving. The precision of her dancing. A-chan needs to run for presidential election of Hiroshima.

The synchronicity at which these girls move... Girls' generation need to pass around Tiffany's iPad and have Siri take some notes.

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  1. The amount of practice time each dance must take is incredible.

    I can't even chew gum and type at the same time.

    Still think the song is junk though.

  2. ^@David mhmmm keep trying to fight it, you know you love it deep down lmfao. I can't dislike anything these bitches do now. I'm hooked and I can't believe it. My whole family is calling me basic for it but IDGAF. The choreo for this was serious and A-chan got on Dem knees lol I want to see them in concert so bad, they just need to have one date in the U.S. I will fight some bitches for those tickets.

  3. My Mom was in my car while I was playing a Perfume CD once. One song in particular had her sprawled out across the dashboard limp from death. I believe she called it, "Chocolate Donkey".

    There are only a few Perfume songs I will let others hear me listening to. The rest I keep in the closet where Tom Cruise watches over them for me.

    1. ^DEAD.SLAYED.WIG-LESS hahahaha LOL Only my family knows I'm a perfume fan and they take every opportunity to shade me and these bitches. Of course I then proceed to swiftly shut them down lol. I will not give anyone any ammunition to try and come for me hahaha. Perfume stays tucked away. Although I do be playing the shit out of their music in public, while tactfully hiding my ipod screen from the line of view of anyone around me haha.

    2. Lulz. Yes. Perfume be keeping a western fan undercover like they got government secrets.

      Ain't NOTHING like pulling up to a Stop Light with "Baaaaby Cruis-Awww $h#%!!! Roll the windas up! Roll the windas up!"

    3. lmfao haha I've had worse happen to me, like a car full of people rolling up next to me while I'm jokingly jamming out to Starshits. The most embarrassing shit ever.

  4. I love the dancing, makes me smile. But the song is VERY DEEP have anybody ever read the lyrics? I can't take that shit, cuz i cry, like Rihanna when she records her shit... because lyrics are to deep :(

    We foooooun Lo' in a forehead!

  5. hahaha love the way you write stuff.

  6. lol your reviews are halarious! Makes me love prfume more hahaha


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