Music video: Mariah Carey featuring Miguel - #Beautiful

If Mariah Carey hasn't learnt by now, she never will. I have been saying for years that this woman needs a new team of stylists, make-up artists and visual directors - because this whole overblown Marilyn Monroe sex kitten act is tired and making Mariah look unflatteringly unsexy. But Mariah's doing as Mariah always does. If she hasn't changed by now, she never will.

She looked hot on the bike. (I took note of the camera angles and home girl holding in her stomach, because I KNOW Mariah ain't got that E=MC² body back). But it was still awkward to watch. The scene in the barn made me want to scratch my eyes out. Was there any point in her even wearing the dress when she was lifting up the skirt to flash her ass and her pussy the whole entire time!? This woman has kids. It seems despite entering the world of motherhood, she failed to pick up that introductory flyer on 'tact'. Watching animals talk as a rat goes face down in lettuce in Charlotte's web was sexier than watching Mariah wind machine it in a barn.


  1. the song is boring, the video is boring, Mimi is so damn fake, her voice isn't what it used to be, another flop from flopriah (still wishing it would be her 19th #1 though)

  2. We all know Miguel, who is that?, would die right if Miss Piggy got on top of him right?

    He better keep his "come" and his "hithers" to himself.


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