Single art: Justin Timberlake - Tunnel vision

Justin Timberlake's 3rd single from his record breaking 3rd studio album will be *cue Timbaland drum roll with a beat so thick it'll make bitches twerk their weave out* "Tunnel vision". 

I love "Tunnel vision". It is an album highlight from The 20/20 experience. But "Don't hold the wall" or "Let the groove get in" would have made much better single choices, especially for the Summer. "Tunnel vision" is the type of song you release as a single when you've already had a 4 to 5 single run and you're just putting out another song because might as well. It's not what you roll out when your album is still somewhat fresh and you want a hit. Then again you could argue JT was never after hits with the release of "Suit and tie" and I certainly never thought "Mirrors" would go on to be the mammoth hit it was. Justin just needs to make sure he dances his arse off in that music video. 

If you've not yet heard "Tunnel vision", be sure to check it out. It doesn't scream 'release me as a single' as the aforementioned "Don't hold the wall" and "Let the groove get in" do, but it is a great song. A welcomed return of classic Timbo, hearkening back to his Missy, Aaliyah and Ginuwine days. Dem drums are the truth.

 Album review: The 20/20 experience


  1. I didn't really appreciate the cover art at first. But then I saw nipples.

    Awesome cover art!

  2. BTW, just a quick note on this album. I haven't actually listening to all of it but the songs I have heard, they're pretty good. But I have not finished ONE song because every single one of them are too damn long. It's actually pretty annoying.

  3. The cover art is awesome, except for the fact that the outline for the woman's right breast looks like a big ol' lump on JT's nose. Other than that, I'm excite for this being a single, although I wish it was "Don't Hold the Wall"...


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