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Album art + tracklisting: Mademoiselle Yulia - Whatever Harajuku

Album art + tracklisting: Mademoiselle Yulia - Whatever Harajuku | Random J Pop

I would like to thank Mademoiselle Yulia for taking the time to listen to the pleas of the few who had be pleading for a follow up to her gravely underrated debut album Mademoworld. How the world let that album pass them by, I do not know.

Mademoiselle Yulia - Whatever Harajuku | Random J Pop
The swagtastic Mademoiselle Yulia will release her sophomore album Whatever Harajuku on September 18th. I don't want to shit on Yulia's chances of a hit, but chances are that this album will flop faster than a bouncy castle at the garden party of Lady Deathstrike. But I will remain grateful that the album even saw the light of the day if the music is good. And if Verbal handled his executive production role for this album as well as he did for Mademoworld, then we'll be in for a treat.

  1. Boom Boom Boom
  2. BGNLT (Bad girls need love too)
  3. Harajuku wander
  4. Sunny
  5. Don't tell me goodbye
  6. Like the 1st time
  7. I'm a Mademoiselle
  8. Bad vibrations
  9. The void
  10. Runner
  11. UFO featuring Verbal of M-Flo

The lead single from this album will be "Harajuku wander" and it sounds like a Euro dance mess. It's certainly no "Gimme gimme". But the video is bold enough, bright enough and features enough pink, coloured wigs and mention of Harajuku that people will compare it to Nicki Minaj and Kyary Pussy Pamyu - which will in turn have Mademoiselle Yulia in people's mouth. GIT DAT PROMO. Plus it features it girl Kiko Mizuhara - who is taking so many modelling gigs in Japan right now, that you would think she is the only model over there.

Yulia knew exactly what time it by putting Hirari Ikeda in this video. You can't drop a song about Harajuku, shoot that shit in Harajuku and not feature that girl. It's like a crime. She is Harajuku fashion personified. If you don't know about Hirari Ikeda, Google her. Those of you who shop religiously at Uniqlo may recognize her, as she was one of the faces of their recent UT campaign.

Please take the time to check out Mademoiselle Yulia's debut if you haven't already. It's a good 'un.

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Josh Chinnery said…

Michele said…
Finally she's back! Hopefully she'll sell 100 copies this time.

Now, give me another Replay/Don't Stop The Music/ Gimme Gimme.
Roni Dez said…
It's about damn time this chick dropped another album. "Mademoworld" was a great album and ahead of its time. I hope this album doesn't disappoint.
Random J said…
"Chronic" was horrid. The only moment on 'Mademoworld' where Yulia dropped the ball completely. Nobody is trying to hear that woman sing a ballad. Verbal should have known better than to have let that song make the final tracklist.

"Don't stop the music" = BANGER