Perfume's first home release of their music videos, Perfume clips

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This sexy, original, creative, better-than-any-DVD-cover-I-have-seen-ever artwork is for Perfume's home release of their music videos: Perfume clips. The number of paper clips on this artwork are equal to how many videos feature on this release. (I was sad enough to count them all, because I know how Perfume's creative team be about those little details).

Perfume clips is the first ever music video compilation the girls have released - featuring 22 of their music videos and a montage of their "Chocolate disco" performances. Perfume's music videos are exercises in visual splendour, so having a DVD full of them is more of a treat than it would be from most. This release has been a long time coming.

Due to Perfume clips being a release from Perfume's old label Tokuma Japan communications, none of the LEVEL3 videos will be included. This will piss fans off to no end who were scathed over their omission from the limited edition of LEVEL3 - but understandable given the circumstances of the release.

Perfume clips will also be available in Blu-ray formats, so you can see all dem legs in 1080p.

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  1. 1st day purchase. I was waiting for the day~

  2. 23. Best number in the world! :)

  3. it's like Ito Yuna "Truth" meets Koda Kumi "Alive"


  5. Hmm... Despite Namiserable not lip-syncing to large chunks of the song, I thought the video matched the song really well; it was really pretty and I love how all the snow and ice melted at the end. Also, can we just discuss how Namilf be looking younger every time we see her? Like damn woman, where do you get your water from? The Fountain of Youth?

  6. Verena Williams4 March 2014 at 16:35

    Very Beautiful Songs.



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