An album sampler of Kylie's 'Kiss me once'

Kylie fans. Breath a sigh of relief. Her twelfth studio album Kiss me once is not the desperate attempt to go all Urban and shit that we thought it would be following her signing to Roc Nation and hitting the studio with Pharrell Williams, Stargate, Rodney Jerkins and The-Dream. Judging from the album sampler, it's all business as usual. That same tired business Kylie has been about for the past couple of years and will always be about.

Kiss me once sounds like a mix of X and Aphrodite with smatterings of Body language. Kylie is in that place musically where she isn't interested in doing anything other than what she knows has worked for her before - which I can understand, but find boring for somebody who is at a point in her career where she could do anything and push for so much more.

I imagine Kiss me once will go down well with fans who have resided with the fact that Kylie's sound is never going to change, not even a little bit. After the under performance of Body language and X (despite both featuring some amazing songs) Kylie won't be making any attempts to do anything new or different across an album again any time soon.

The only song which jumps out at me was "Million miles", which I already feel will be to this album what "Get outta my way" was to Aphrodite. Shit so good it makes the lead single sound like a weak mess and has you question why it wasn't released as the lead single instead. When is the world going to recognize Cutfather's genius?


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