MiChi posts a vine of her jamming in the studio. She about that basic music now.

All's been quiet on the MiChi front, but between the release of Eyes wide open and now, she has been Instagramming and tweeting about being in the studio almost non-stop. Whether this is for gig rehearsals, jam sessions or a new album, nobody knows. But I'll take what I can get. The latest fruits of her studio sessions was posted in a Vine where she and her guitarist are jamming and playing a riff which won't leave my head. It might be new, it might be nothing, it could even be "Saturday night".

MiChi has been steadily falling from grace for the past 5 years. Her debut album was amazing, followed by a couple of amazing singles. But then things started to go a bit wonky and we got a really divided album in the form of Therapy and then 44 minutes and 47 seconds of boredom in the form of its follow up Eyes wide open. Her latest "All I know" has left me with no hope that MiChi will turn her shit around in the middle of the road and drive as far away from basic city as she can.

Whether its a marriage which fails, a pregnancy or sex so good she can hear the dead, I need MiChi to have some form of creative epiphany and realize that she needs to throw her shit back to the days when she was giving life with jams like "Hey girl", "Why oh why", "Yeah yeah yeah!!!" and one of the best pop songs ever "All about the girls ~Iijyanka party people~". I'm missing that girl. If MiChi's not careful Kavka Shishido will snatch her wig in the night and replace her.


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