Perfume's "Flash" to feature in the movie adaptation of Chihayafuru

Perfume's song "Flash" to feature in the movie adaptation of Chihayafuru | Random J Pop

To keep the silence on a new album from deafening fans, Perfume have unveiled a new track by the name of "Flash", which will feature as the theme song to the film Chihayafuru, which is based on the manga of the same name. Fans are still waiting on their copies of Star train to be dispatched and already there are 2 new Perfume songs doing the rounds. Perfume's single releases for 2015 have been a mess. A mess that they want to be dragging into 2016, whilst fans are begging them to just let that shit go.

Check out the video below to hear a preview of "Flash". The song kicks in at around the 0:35 mark.

"Flash" reminds me of "Cling cling", but better. But given how Yasutaka Nakata has struggled with song structures for most of his output in 2015, there's every chance the groove could be completely fucked up with some dub step warble or some unnecessary switch. The vocals are still too high in pitch for my liking, but the beat makes my booty pop. So I will be all about the instrumental when this drops.

Perfume's roll out this year has been a type of mess. From the constant product tie ins to the maxi singles and the outfits which just get worse. I personally feel that news of "Flash" and "Next stage with you" have come far too soon after "Star train", which should have closed the year in regards to Perfume news.

At this stage nobody knows if Perfume's next album will features these 2 songs along with every A-side that's released over 2015. I personally would prefer for the line to be drawn under "Star train" and for "Flash" and "Next stage with you" to go on the new album with fresh new material. Fans are still upset over how Perfume rolled out with JPN - an album of which was 80% of singles. And if they were to go this route again, nothing on their 5th studio album would be new.


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