Random J Pop playlist: This is Queen B | a Beyoncé playlist

Random J Pop playlist: This is Queen B (a Beyoncé playlist) | Random J Pop

Beyoncé set a standard with her headlining Coachella performance last year and I think it's safe to say that nobody who headlines is gonna be able to match the sheer spectacle and impact of what Beyoncé did. Not even Beyoncé herself. The ghost of her performance is going to haunt everybody who headlines Coachella now. But if that wasn't bad enough, Beyoncé released a film of her Homecoming performance on Netflix smack bang in the middle of Coachella.

Sorry ya'll. I don't know what the hell Arichella is. There is and will only be Beychella.

With Beyoncé scalping her entire fanbase and many besides with the Netflix release of her iconic Coachella set, today feels as good a day as any to share this playlist. There is a This is Beyoncé playlist on Spotify, but it's rubbish. So I made a better one.

Beyoncé also released Homecoming: The live album without warning, as is the now norm for Beyoncé. The surprise for me wasn't that she released anything at all, but that it was a live album. I was fully expecting her to release a new studio album and call it Homecoming. The Homecoming arrangements of some of her songs were fucking amazing, so I'm stoked that Beyoncé gave us a live album. (I feel like we don't get enough live albums outside of J-Pop these days). The truest surprise though was it releasing across all streaming platforms. I know Beyoncé is try'na do her thing with Tidal, because she part owns it. But a bitch knew she had to give this album to Spotify, Apple music, Google Play music and all the services. It would have been a bad move to have release Homecoming on a service that everybody has and then confine the live album to a service that not everybody does. Still no Lemonade though. But at least I was able to pepper my This is Queen B playlist with some Homecoming renditions of Lemonade cuts.

🐝 Stream it and pledge allegiance: This is Queen B