Bonus material: Rihanna - Rude boy (Tommie Sunshine's 5AM edit)

Bonus material: Rihanna - Rude boy
I always have to proceed with extreme caution when I hear there is a remix of a song I really like. I'm not too hot on these dancey remixes, but this one isn't too bad...I guess.

Listen: Rude boy (Tommie Sunshine's 5AM edit)

© 2010 The Island Def Jam music group, a Universal music group

The original will always be the one for me. You and I both know that this remix has been sped up too much, and kinda don't sound right. But if this remix were to drop in a club, everybody would move to it. This Funky house style sound is big in clubs in London. I get sick of it when I'm out, because a lot of clubs play it for so long. And the one thing about Funky house is that the songs are often monotonous and go on for ages.

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