Brandy on TRL

Brandy hit up TRL last week to promote her new single "Right here (Departed)" and her forthcoming fifth studio album Human.

Boring arse interview. But at least it was an appearance. I'm digging the title of her and Ray J's album: R&B. Pretty clever title, I like it. I can't stand Ray J though and I wouldn't hold my breath for R&B dropping at all. Brandy has mentioned doing something with Ray J many a time before and nothing has ever come of it aside from having Ray J do backing vocals on a couple of her songs ("I thought" and "Can we") and a couple of duets ("Another day in paradise" and "Die without you"). I'd rather have 100% unconcentrated Brandy. I don't want Ray J's stank ass diluting Brandy's shit.

Brandy on TRL was a good look, but Epic are going to have to pick up the Brandy promotional wagon in the upcoming weeks, because fellow contemporary B's: Beyoncé and Britney will be premiering new singles over the next 3 weeks and both will release albums in November. Part of me wants to be hopeful Brandy will come out on top, but it's so doubtful. Even with no promotion Beyoncé and Britney would (and have) sold more than Brandy on a good day. Brandy fans and stans need to be picking up 3 copies of Human on day of release if they want her to have even the slightest chance of hitting that #1 spot, even if it's just for a week.


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