Britney's bringing in the 'Circus' for 2008

Britney SpearsAfter much speculation, Britney is indeed making her comeback this year! Her new album will be titled Circus (no doubt in reference to her personal life over the past few years) and it will be available worldwide on December 5, with several reigons seeing the album on shelves on November 28. Her new single "Womanizer" will go out to radio on September 22.

Producers and songwriters who have been drafted in for the new album include previous Britney collaborators: J.R. Rotem ("Everybody"), Keri Hilson ("Gimme more"), Sean Garrett ("Toy soldiers"), Guy Sigsworth ("Everytime"), Danja ("Gimme more"), Bloodshy & Avant, ("Piece of me", "Toxic"), Rodney Jerkins ("I love rock 'n roll", the Darkchild remix of "Overprotected") - as well as a couple of faces whom Britney hasn't worked with yet: Dr. Luke, Lady GaGa and new Atlantic based production team The Outsyders who have contributed tracks such as "Quick sand", "Amnesia" as well as the albums' lead single "Womanizer".

Britney will also hit the studio with one time frequent Britney collaborator Max Martin, marking the first time they've worked together in 7 years. Max Martin was responsible for spawning Britney's signature hits from her first 3 albums: "Hit me baby (One more time)", "Oops!...I did it again" and "Lucky" amongst others. His sound is completely different now to what it was (more recent hits of his include Kelly Carkson's "Since U been gone" and Pink's "So what"). So it'll be interesting to hear what will come of their sessions together.

It's great Britney's on track with a new album, but me-thinks it's way too soon. The timing is also odd. If Britney's going to drop a new album in November / December and a new single in a week's time - then why not just perform it at the VMA's!? I personally think Britney should roll out in 2009. In November she'll be going up against fellow pop heavy weight Beyoncé - who will be doing everything she can to make her shit a success, and doing all the things Britney probably won't, unless she truly is back on her grind as she was pre Federline, which I doubt she is. She will not be able to get away with just dropping an album with zero promotion or performances. No artist can get away with that shit these days, it doesn't matter how big a star they are.

I look forward to hearing this new album though. If it's anything like Blackout, then I'll be all over it! I just hope Britney's song writing is kept to a minimum of one track. I'm not trying to hear Britney's bullshit lyrics. Hopefully the song writers will put her whack rhymes in check. Her barely writing anything for Blackout was one of the things which contributed to it being so good.

Also, the song Britney was seen dancing to in a dance studio is confirmed as "Mannequin". No word on the producer, but it sounded like a Danja production to me. But it's anybody's call given how every producer in the game is jacking his production style.


  1. Girl could play Harley Quinn in the next Batman with all that eye shadow!

    I don't quite get her either though. The VMA's would have been perfect for her to debut "Womanizer", but I think her not performing just goes to show she's not ready and not fully back yet. Instead she just stood there swallowing the mic introducing the show in the most boring fashion ever.

    I can't even lie though, I've been hating on her, but I actually want to hear this new song.

  2. I think that was a GOOD idea not performing at the Vma's:Lots of pressure and everybody would be "ready" for her to "fall" again! They did what was suppose to be done!

    That said, Im reeaaalyyy looking foward to the new album.I personnaly think she's READY this.
    I was sooo loving Blackout that I had to check out everything she was doing, hoping that she would do a live performance or something (to promote the sh**), But instead, ya'll know what happenned...I can actually swear that she's back for good(from what I've seen)!

    I cant wait for that album!(Anf for monday) Nothing would be hotter then "Gimme more" In my honnest opinion, That song was BANGGIN'! Doesnt mean anything coz people were saying the same thing when "toxic" came out.Actually That chick has A bunch of songs that i Like!

    Im a little scared For My Bey!:-( well I would love it if she has ALL of her singles N°, but with Britney now comming...hum...I dont know!

    Onle time will tel us!

    Once again --> Bye bye MICHELLE WILLIAMS!

  3. I can't see "Womanizer" having shit on "Gimme more". That song was and still is CRACK!!! I was so PISSED that Jive went ahead and released it when Britney blatantly wasn't ready and that she f**ked up with the video and her VMA performance of the song. Danja and Keri Hilson must've been upset. That song and the whole of Blackout was pretty much wasted. It could've been the biggest album of her career if she had her shit on lock, because it was SOLID and the only 2 whack songs on it were "Heaven on earth" and "Ooh ooh baby". Everything else was triple A single material.


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