Britney's single pushed back

Britney's 'Circus' lead single pushed backBritney's new single was set to impact radio today, but now it's been pushed back into next week. Not surprised. Push backs are the new trend these days. I still think it's way too soon for Britney to be premiering any new material and that she'd be better off dropping her shit in the middle of 2009, but whatever!

A low quality clip of "Womanizer" has been doing the rounds on YouTube. The quality is so bad that it's difficult to form an opinion on it. But from what can be made out from the gangsta quality, it does sound alright. The new October 7 date of course means Britney will be going head to head with Beyoncé. I can't wait to see how crazy the stans go. I'm just going to see it as a case of getting 2 potentially good singles and albums at the same time. There's so many albums dropping between now and December that I'm just going to revel in all the new music and not hate and compare (...too much!)

I hope for Britney's sake she rolls out correctly. I'm still mad at the bitch for not making "Gimme more" pop the way it should have. That track right there was one of my favourite Britney joints and had the potentially to be mammoth. The song was KILLER and she f**ked it up. She will not be able to make that mistake twice. So Britney and Jive better act right.


  1. Im ready for a new brit brit album (just by curiousu=ity, to see if they can pull out another "Blackout" or BETTER:that's going to be hard!!!
    The single is suppose to come out next monday right? Bey's single is out in 2 weeks... Wow, some competition right there! Love it!

    By the end of the year I'll be losing my danm mind with the 3 "B"s (Bey, Britbrit, B-Rocka) :-) I'll be misspelling every word THATS FOR SURE! lol like I allways do.


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