The Forehead's UK TV "Disturbia" performances

Rihanna was in the UK recently and she hit up two of the UK's popular day time TV shows and graced them (or should that be bored them) both with a performance on her over played hit "Disturbia".

Rihanna performs on GMTV

Rihanna performs on This morning

"A disease of the mind"!? More like a disease on the ears. That shit was awful. An inconsistent performance is as bad as a flat out shit one. She sounded just like the studio recorded version on some parts and then sounded horrendous on others. Which means: instant fail. The Forehead just isn't interesting to watch. She's so stiff and doesn't look like she's into her performances. Her back up singers were putting in more hustle and working their little jazz hands and shoulders more than Rihanna was.

I know The Forehead gets love in the fashion world for the shit she rocks. But what was the bitch wearing during that GMTV performance!? She looked a mess. Hitting up a TV studio wearing her mama's table cloth and her Grandmother's prescription glasses was not a good look.

I'm officially sick of "Disturbia" now. Just like every other Rihanna song that gets mad popular, the shit just annoys me. Every time I hear "Dum-dum-di-dum-dum-dum-di-dum-dum" I want The Forehead to get choke slammed through a table.

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