In weave she trusts

Ashanti's all weaved outThere is so much weave on Ashanti's head that I can smell and taste it from here. She can barely hold up her own head there's so much of it plonked to her head! Just to run the hair game into the ground further, she went and weaved the eyelashes too - with the end result looking like she has an ant colony on both her eyelids.

Beyoncé approves, but she's mad. Because she knows she has to out weave Ashanti now. Expect Beyoncé to look like Mr. Snuffleupagus from Sesame street in her next music video.


  1. First of all, what the HELL are you doing up at 6:00am?!?!

    Second...LOL @ this post! That shit just looks nasty! And ewwww, it looks all sweated out and stringy! I bet if you tried to run your fingers though it, they'd get stuck.

    Btw, don't let aZn see this post.

  2. Lol @ the post

    Where have U been J? There's alot to talk about bro..."Doll domination" review(for example)... :p Want to know what U think Baaaaadly, lol

    Junlee, I really think B-Rocka's in trouble this time round.Britney is Back for real,her single's out next monday man, and the album december 1st...With Bey and Brit in the way..humm... she really dont have any chance to sell! But anyways I will still buy the album that I KNOW is gonna be Flawless (like always)

  3. Yeah, "Human" will probably go unrecognized much like "Afrodisiac". But I don't care. I know I'm gonna be bumping it like mad regardless!

    Even so, like I said, she still might get that one good week.


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