Janet's a free agent

It was bound to happen at some point right? Janet has expressed her feelings regarding Def Jam on several occassions and it's finally come to a head. Janet asked to be released from Def Jam and they obliged. As far as I see it, it's Def Jam's loss. L.A Reid is a punk. How in the hell could he have Janet Jackson signed to his label and not support her correctly?! Discipline may not have been the perfect album, but it was a definite return to form which could've had a very easy 5 single run and been a huge success if it was pushed correctly. But Def Jam chose to focus on Mariah, who had her album scuppered anyway by poor single choices. Janet (and Michael) collaborator Rodney Jerkins spoke out about Janet's Def Jam situation and her current tour.

I hope he stays true to his word, because he came correct with his production on Discipline. "Feedback", "Rollercoaster", "LUV" and "Curtains" were all solid joints which did a great job of having Janet sound new, but still remaining true to her Jam and Lewis roots.

Hopefully Janet will work something out and be able to put out a new album that's a success. She may be better of either going independent or signing a contract with another label where she is guaranteed some strong promotion.


  1. Have you seen some of those pics of Janet from her "Rockwitchu" tour?! She looks crazy, lol! I don't know what she was thinking with that mohawk!

    But it is Janet, so it's not that surprising.

  2. She should Go on By herself!Pay Your stuff :Videos promos Everything!


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