Milking Mariah

In a bid to milk Mariah some more, Sony BMG will release a compilation album of Mariah's ballads in October. I'm not sure what the deal is, but I think Sony must own the catalogue of songs Mariah recorded whilst she was signed to Columbia records - which allows them to still release her shit without her consent. Either way, Mariah's still getting paid. She's always written her own shit, so of course she owns partial copyright to those songs and will receive her share of the sales. That album cover is a mess though. Mariah looks dead. Mariah stays on that Photoshop even for images she hasn't approved. She should call her next album Adobe.

In more Mariah news, "Migrate" was set to be the next single from E=MC² but it was pulled in favour of "I stay in love". I really like the song, but wonder what it can do for sales now. It does have a wintery vibe about it which could help in the run up to Christmas I guess. You just know the video is going to have Mariah walking around a mansion looking at photos and shit in a silk dressing gown, as a nuclear powered wind machine blows her (lack of) clothing and hair everywhere. So predictable predictable.

Everything about how Def Jam rolled out with E=MC² is messy. If they had picked the right singles from the start then they wouldn't be clamouring around putting out a fourth single that they have no idea will do well or not. "Migrate" was a waste. That should've been dropped as a single A.S.A.P, right after "Touch my body" or as a double A-side alongside it. "I stay in love" is a hot track, but so was "I'll be lovin' U long time" and that didn't set shit off the way it should have. So we'll have to see how it goes. We'll more than likely get a repackaged version of E=MC² at some point.


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