Music video: Janelle Monáe - Many moons

BANGING!!!! I love it. The best music video I've seen in a long while. I watched this shit three times in a row. It reminds me of OutKast's "Hey ya". Brilliant video which compliments and acts as a great extension of Janelle's individuality and creativity.

If you do not know about this girl, you better get to know. She is special and other bitches in the game wish they had this girls' creativity.


  1. The first thing that came to mind when I saw this video was Andre 3000's "Hey Ya!". The beat is somewhat familiar, and Janelle comes with that quirkiness that Andre had. And I was loving the reverse moonwalk! XD

    So she's releasing 4 suites is she? I need to make sure and buy each one! I've loved everything I've heard from the first one. She's so unique, and her voice sometimes reminds me of Lauryn Hill, especially in "Mr. President".

  2. I just listened to "Smile" for the first time. I'm blown away by how well this girl can sing! O_O


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