Music video: Kumi Koda - Taboo

Resident J-Pop ho Kumi Koda is back with a new single and a new video. As usual it has her slutting it up for the camera's.

I see Kumi has still yet to learn the art of subtely. Her sexiness is so over-egged. I'd still give her a good seeing to though. The video reminded me of the one she did for "But" and the song reminded me of it to; milking the whole synth pop, Justin Timberlake "SexyBack" vibe.

The song is nothing special to me. It's just okay. Kumi is the kind of artist who just churns out the same old bullshit. The thing is, that had Crystal gotten a song like this I probably would love it - because even when she's working a sound that other people are, her vocals seem to give the song a completely different vibe. Kumi sounds so dead pan on this song that it does nothing for me.

With her last single "Moon" and now "Taboo" set for release, it's more than likely that Kumi will have a new album on the way. I'm gonna take a wild guess and say we may see a new album from her by December.


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