Music video: Leona Lewis - Forgive me

Damn! Did Leona actually try to bust a move?! She can't dance for shit, but at least she was trying. I really do like this video. It's colourful, cute and Leona looks really nice and not so much like a possessed, souless Ice queen; like she usually does.

I can't stand Brotha Darkness (Akon), but he came correct with this song. The beat is tight and the whole vibe of the song is fresh, yet familiar. It reminds me Whitney's "I'm your baby tonight" for some reason. "Forgive me" is a great song, but it should've been released much earlier and the original UK release of Spirit should've had this on it. A slap in the face to UK fans, considering that's where Leona gets most of her love and support and it's the place where she was made a star in the first place.


  1. Leona is the truth when it comes to singing. She's got one hell of a voice! And she can sing even better live.

    She can't dance, but I think she did aight considering she's not a dancer at all. She looked good in that video, and the song is great.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what she can come up with on her second album. The majority of her first album was kind of boring, so hopefully she'll come with more personality, like she did with this song.

  2. This wasn't recorded until 4 months after the UK album release so would have been hard to fit into the UK album!

  3. If Leona's people wanted this song earlier, they could have had it. Leona was in the States for the best part of a year recording songs for her debut. Surely they could've put her in the studio with Akon during this time so she could've recorded this and had it be part of the original track listing.

  4. I can't really see crap in the video. All I know is that the Jabawakees are in there some where. I hope to see them in a bunch of videos.

    I'm a new fan of Leona and I hope this song get's much airplay in the states.

    Anyone got a HQ link?


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