Music video: Wonder girls - Nobody

Korean girl group Wonder girls are back on the scene with a brand new single "Nobody" and its brand spanking new video!

The song is bangin'!! And the video was hot too, drawing inspiration from the Motown days and looking like a scene straight out of Dreamgirls. JYP came correct with these girls. The song and their look is on poiont. His little ditty at the start of the the video did my head in though. The guy annoys me. I wish he'd just sit down and produce for his acts instead of always try'na get up in their videos. But with that said, the video was still hot - even though the whole Motown era, stage set up has been done before.

"Nobody" is taken from thw Wonder girls forthcoming fourth studio album, which is due for release in October. The Crystal Kay stan in me of course has to put it out there: Crystal would've shut it down if she had gotten this song. It's right up her alley musically.


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