Brandy's DJ Booth interview

BrandyBrandy did an interview with DJ Z over at the DJ Booth. Speaking on what to expect from her new album and how much her fans mean to her. Brandy kept VERY tight lipped on her forthcoming album and disclosed very little that we didn't know already. A few tidbits that some perhaps didn't know before hand was that:
  • Brandy actually wrote many songs for Human. Something I know fans of Brandy's songwriting will be excited about, given she only wrote one song on Afrodisiac.
  • Brandy co-wrote "Fall" with fellow singer Natasha Bedingfield.
  • Timbaland has not contributed to Human. But Brandy states she'd love to work with him again in the future (probably in another 6 years when Brandy decides to release a new album, unless of course she features on Timbaland next album).
  • Brandy was set to work with long term Alicia Keys collaborator and other half Krucial "Krucial" Brothers Jr, but has not yet worked with him.
  • Brandy is still recording as we speak, so anything could happen in the way of eleventh hour additions and collaborations.
I love that Brandy holds her cards so close to her chest. I love when I cop a Brandy album and just have NO idea what to expect in terms of producers, writers and sound. Be sure to check out in interview below. Brandy genuinely sounds happy and excited about her new album. It breaks my heart she won't do big sales due to the lacklustre performance of her single "Right here (Departed)" and Beyoncé and Britney both dropping albums in the same month.

Check it out: Brandy's interview

Hear more of Brandy: Fall | Right here (Departed) | First and love, Throw it all away & Porcelain | B-Rocka


  1. I heard "Right Here (Departed)" on the radio yesterday...WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


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