Music video: BoA - Eat you up (Version A)

This video actually decent. Though much, MUCH more could've been done with it and it sucks the best parts were shown in the teaser trailer a month ago. Folk need to leave Flashdance alone now. Jennifer Lopez already ripped off the whole movie for her "I'm glad" music video and got sued. Bitches need to keep it moving.

The video would've been better if we'd seen BoA and her crew tearing it up in different locations: at a super market, at a mall, a skateboard park, a museum - as they make their way to the audition and then have the whole dancing in front of the judges at the very end. Having the audition scene come in near the start felt odd. There was no build up. Still, the video was good, the dancing was decent and BoA looked nice. Although she's done better music videos and in the past. In terms of sharp chorepgraphy and swagger, the music video "My name" shits all over "Eat you up". It's too bad Western audiences (the ones BoA actually needs to impress) will be getting the cheap Diane Martel directed looking bullshit instead of this. I honestly think this video would go down better in the West, unless by some amazing stroke the Version A video pulls something amazing out of the bag to break up the bad special effects and awful dancing we saw in the teaser trailer.

I still am not sold on this song though. It's too bland and when I think of Bloodshy & Avant teamed with an East Asia, all I think of is Crystal Kay "It's a crime" and how bangin' that song was and still is. It's a song that is hot enough to really catapault Crystal in the West.


  1. Thanks for the video! I was wondering when the full version would show up. The single will be released in a few days, most artists have the music video out on TV stations way before to build up publicity. But what do I know eh? I don't work for the music industry...

    My thoughts on the video pretty much match yours, although I laughed when the guys glasses exploded and at one point (when BoA is dancing alone at 01:50) I thought she was doing an Irish jig! Plus nothing about the video matches what the song about (I mean she didn't eat one single male during the entire vid) but that's just me!

  2. *LMAO @ "At one point (when BoA is dancing alone at 01:50) I thought she was doing an Irish jig!". I thought the SAME thing! They were trying to make her look hip, but it back fired. There is no way to make an Irish jig look hip. BoA failed hard with that one.

    I can see that they were trying to go the whole performance 'BoA as an edgy dancer' route with the music video. But I agree with you that they could've linked it to the song more to give it a greater context. I think she should've done a Britney: "Toxic" or "Womanizer" style video - where she's coming on strong to guys and overpowering them. And then intercut it with some choreographed dance scenes or something.

    If Kumi Koda had gotten this song she would've eaten some males in the video for sure. Any excuse to eat a male that woman. Any excuse!


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