Britney performs on The X-Factor

That set was LACKING! There had more than enough space to roll out that Gladiators style Atlasphere and a couple of elephants. Britney was not working that space the way she should have and the backing dancers and pyrotechnics were doing everything Britney wasn't - engaging. She seemed a tad more confident and the crowd were loving every second of her. But her performance was pretty dry. The only decent part was how she popped at 2:36. Old school Britney emerged for all of 2 seconds. It wasn't enough, but it at least showed old Britney is in there...somewhere! It seems Britney's lost her hearing and (more of) her brain as a result of her breakdown, because the host asked her what she thought of the contestants performing her songs and she talked about how nice London is. Po' thang.

It's a bit stank how these big stars are supposed to put on performances to show how it's done, yet the constestants put on better shows than them. I guess they've got so many number 1 hits under their belts and money in the bank that it don't matter. That said, Britney's X-Factor stint was more entertaining to watch than Mariah's. Though at least Mariah sang two songs live, mentored the contestants, actually took the time to meet them and then stuck around for the after show. Britney was pretty stank to just drop that bog standard performance and then leave.

I guess the only way Britney's gonna get that swagger back is to just keep performing in order to get the confidence back up. But she NEEDS to step it up big time, especially with chicks like P!nk and Beyonce kicking her ass when it comes tot he live performances. I was hoping Britney would just pop back and work the stage how she used to, but I guess that was expecting a bit too much. Britney should've been performing "Womanzier" way back though. The song is old news now, although I like the new mix. Her second single "Circus" will have its video debut in a mere few days, so she needs to be performing that already.


Anonymous said…
I watched about 15 secs of the performance, then switched the Wii on! :D

But yeah, it was obvious she didn't give a toss about the contestants, it was all about her and her new album in the end.

I always find it amusing that the contestants sing live and give it their all yet stars like her come stage and do the exact opposite!
Anonymous said…
I'm only waitinr for 'circus', I need to see her dancing to see if she still has it!