Album review: Leah Dizon - Communication!!!

Album review: Leach Dizon - Communication!!!In the West we have Cassie and Rihanna. Chicks who look the part, but whose musical talent is questionable. In the East, we have Leah Dizon. She's a pretty young lady, but musical talent eludes her completely. How she managed to get a record deal in the first place let alone 2 albums is a mystery to me. Actually, I can imagine what she may have had to do to get those deals. She probably did what she's doing on the album cover. Got on her knees and opened her mouth. But let's not got there.

Leah cannot sing. This is evident from the start with the album's opening track. "Step into my world" has Leah sounding a complete wreck. She sounds as though she has a throat infection and that she's singing from a hospital bed. It's terrible and a waste of a good song, because the beat is hot and the chorus is catchy.

Leah Dizon worked with a couple of the same producers who worked with Crystal Kay on her last 2 albums Color change! and All yours, which means some of the songs sport a similar sound. Leah cements that no matter how hot a producer is, they can't always strike gold if the talent they're working with has zero vocal ability. Communication!!! is a case of solid songs, wrong artist. "Love sweet candy", "Nothin' to lose" and "Not too bad" in the hands of Crystal Kay would've been candy on the ears. In the hands of Leah, she kills the songs cold. She murders these songs, yet they're the best on the album - which speaks volumes. Another album cut which is solid, but gets murdered in the hands of Leah is "Without a goodbye". A stunning rock style ballad which would've been beautiful in the hands of Ayaka or Hikaru Utada. But Leah steps up to the plate and f**ks up the whole song. Whilst some of the sugary sweet production masks her shitty vocals, on some tracks her vocals are so bad there's no hiding them. I'm sick to death of every song utilizing auto-tuning, but this girl REALLY needed it on this album. She sounds terrible. It's a shock that the song producers and the sound engineers let some of the horrendous vocal takes find their way onto the final versions of songs.

Communication!!! is a case of a whole album of good material going to the wrong girl. The hooks on the songs are catchy and the music is well produced. But the second Leah stepped into the booth and opened her mouth to sing, she intoxicated every single song. The only thing I give Leah props for is for looking good in the music videos and for writing near enough every song on the album. Leah needs to stick to showing off her ass and titties in lads mags, because there's no way she'll ever be taken seriously as a music artist. At least not by me anyway.

Leah Dizon's 'Communication!!!' scores itself a 3 out of 10
Album highlights:
■ Step into my world
■ Love sweet candy
■ Without a goodbye
■ Nothin' to lose
■ Not too bad


  1. Never heard of the girl, but I listened to "Step into my World" to see how bad her voice was...I don't think it's that bad! I just don't think her voice suits pop, I can see her voice better suited for folk type songs, like Dido...

    Although, you're sense of humour in your reviews never fails to make me smile :-)

  2. Her voice is better suited to silence. She shouldn't be allowed to murder a production or a beat somebody worked hard on.

    I rarely post on Leah, but I think I did once. Search for the post using the little search thingy...only if you're fussed though.



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