BoA in rehearsals

BoA had a video uploaded of her in rehearsals for her string of US performances. She's seen rehearsing to her song "Look who's talking", so there's every chance she could've been rehearsing for the music video too. It certainly is looking like it could become her next single. If her US career allows for it.

I'm not sure what it is about US prepped BoA, but her dancing looks really off to me. I've been watching many of BoA's live performances and music videos for years and her moves are usually much tighter. The girl can dance really well, but those rehearsals had her look like she's never danced before. Her moves looked really whack and loose. She was just throwing limbs around like her arms were dislocated. BoA should stick to the pop style routine she's used to, as opposed to the street dealio. It's not doing her any favours. She needs to start making how she di din her "Dakeshimeru" and "My name" music videos.

The song "Look who's talking" sounds pretty cool though. From the clips played in the video it sounds like it would've made a better lead single than "Eat you up". The song at least sounds like it has more impact.


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