BoA performs 2 songs at the Jingle ball

BoA made an appearance at KIIS FM's Jingle ball where she performed her US debut single "Eat you up" along with a brand new track "Look who's talking", from her forthcoming debut english language album of the same name.

Ragged performance. Everything about it was too loose. BoA's been in the game too long to be dropping performances like this. She needs to come better, especially if she wants to be taken seriously and push units in the States'. She also mimed the majority of that performance. Many of her stage performances pre-U.S debut were much better. She needs to nip these baggy clothes, dodgy 80's reject jackets and swap meet threads in the bud and come with more fitted outfits that show off her slim and fine body. She needs to throw it back to the My name and Outgrow looks - that's when BoA was looking her hottest and running shit with the live performances.

The thing is that a lot of Japanese and Korean artists don't realize when they try to take on the States is that their stardom in their home countries don't mean shit. BoA is THAT chick in Korea and even in Japan. She's young, hot, sells records, marketable, can dance and put on good shows. But in the west she's just another chick and she's up against other more established acts who can do what she can, but 10 times better. There was nothing unique or even remotely decent about what BoA did on that stage and she and her people need to work on that if they want a successful US debut.

New song "Look who's talking" sounds like a song that was submitted for Britney's Blackout album, but got turned down, just like "Eat you up". It wouldn't surprise me if Bloodhy & Avant produced the song also. I'll have to hear the studio version of the song to form a solid opinion on it, but from this video is just sounded okay to me.


  1. Disappointing. Americans will already be skeptical, it would help if she actually looked like she wanted to make it here.

  2. People use to dub her "The korean Britney" once back when. Judging from that performance and what Britney's been putting down on stage over the past few weeks - that sounds about right.


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