Bonus material: BoA featuring Flo'rida - Eat you up (Remix)

Bonus material: BoA featuring Flo'rida - Eat you up (Remix)In a further bid to get the 'BoA cracking the U.S' train pick up some speed, the official remix to her English language debut single "Eat you up" featuring Flo'rida has finally touched down.

Listen: Eat you up (Remix)
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Did you hear that? That was the sound of BoA's people trying too hard and Flo'rida trying to catch a check from dried up sales of his last album. I think this remix is rubbish. Not only is the beat badly mixed, but BoA's vocals sound over-processed as if they weren't processed to hell already on the original version. The original is far superior. It had a bounce to it that could 've had it made the 'urban pass'. I see no reason why Flo'rida couldn't have just flowed over the original version if BoA's people really did want him to feature on the song. The only thing I like about this remix is some of the re-sung lines. I like how BoA holds some of the notes on the second verse. Other than that, this is some bullshit. She should take this oppurtunity to do yet another video. Preferably a good one, to salvage this wreckage of a remix and how lacklustre the first 2 videos were.

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  1. Finally got round to listening to it! :D

    I agree about the re-sung lines, she actually put EMOTION into her lyrics, especially into the 2nd verse. Too bad her voice was mixed too much that it ended up sounded horrible!

    To me, this sounds likes an overdone fan mix. Or a fan mash up with some random rap song.

    Once again, thanks for sharing!


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