Brandy and Rodney speak on "Human"

Great video. Hearing about Rodney's process of working with Brandy was great and cemented what many of us already knew: song writers write songs specifically for Brandy. None of this "song gets shopped around and ends up with Brandy" crap. Her songs are tailor made for her and it's instantly audible when you hear her sing on them and you listen to the lyrics. Some of Brandy's songs on her last 3 albums have been so personal that I was shocked to find she didn't write some of them. Goes to show; Brandy don't do 'anybody' songs and she knows how to sell a song and put her stamp on it to make it 100% hers. As Rodney Jerkins said: "Nobody could sing that song...BUT Brandy. It's not gonna sound the same if so and so sang it". Couldn't have said it better myself. I would've just said: Bitches can't do Brandy's songs like Brandy do. But Rodney's more tactful than I am.

Those of you who have yet to hear the album probably caught on to some of the songs playing in the video. I love how "Warm it up (with love)" was featured because it's my favourite song on the album and lyrically I think it's such a beautiful song that is so relevant to everybody and the world right now. Sappy, but true.

I don't think Human is Brandy's best album. I wouldn't even call it amazing. But it is a solid album worth buying and a 'play all the way through' album. It's available in stores now, so if you love Brandy and like yourself some good, solid music: be sure to pick up a copy.

Give it a read: Human review


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