Brandy & Monica perform "The boy is mine"

I LOVE how Brandy sounds on this. Her vocals have come a long way since she originally recorded this song. She sounded raspy and dry on the original recording, but she sounded rich and warm in this live rendition. I loved it! The fact she did it acapella highlighted her vocals even more.

Brandy and Monica are understated in the game right now, but that stint on stage showed folk why they had major success back when. I've never been hot on Monica, but I own one of her albums and there's no denying she has a good voice and that she's put out some hot songs. "The first night" will forever be a jam.

It's great we get to see a video which shows veterans in the game who were big and sold records purely for putting out good music. Them days have long gone and it's a shame. Monica and Brandy get props from me not just for their talent, but for overcoming serious adversities in life and holding it down as mothers.


  1. I like Monica's voice. It has a really unique tone to it that you don't hear from anyone else. Of course, she can't compare to the sickness that is Brandy's voice. She needs to make an a capella album of all her greatest hits.

  2. ha, i stumbled upon this a while back and i meant to link you to it, but i'm slightly retarded. glad you found it w/o my help.


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