Britney's first performance of "Circus"

Cool to watch because of the stage setup and the theatrics, but Britney's swagger leaves a lot to be desired. It's pretty much gone. I was hoping "Circus" would be the performance to show that the old Britney is ready to emerge. But nope. Britney doesn't know how to sing live, so of course she mimed. She didn't even re-record her vocals to make it at least sound like she is singing live. She just stuck on her CD and hit the stage. Bitch needs to fix up with that. "Circus" is not a hard song to sing and she barely danced, so she could've sung it live.

I honestly am wondering if Britney was truly ready for this so-called 'come back'. She looks nervous and uncomfortable in each of her recent performances and never truly owns the stage. Pre-break down Britney would've had this "Circus" performance on complete lock. It's a shame she's a shadow of her former self where her performances are concerned, yet her music continues to get better. A real shame. I can't see how Britney's going to captivate on a tour if these lacklustre performances are all she's going to give. TV performances will get her some sympathy, lots of love from fans and music lovers, as well as jots in good books because she's back on the straight and narrow, looking the best she's looked in years and she's Britney bitch! But once she hits the road, she'll get crucified for these half arsed performances on her world tour.

I have to give Britney props for the look though. She was looking HOT in them tight pants and her body was looking correct!


  1. She looks amazing!

    But there's one word to use to describe her: stiff!

    She has no energy whatsoever. If she would actually put some pop into those moves, this performance could have actually been really good. But she isn't popping or working that body of hers at all! Every turn (that "spin" was sad), kick, or thrust move just looks so rigid like it's in slow motion.


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