Britney's "Womanzier" performances in Japan

Britney touched down in Japan a few days ago, and performed the now over played to hell and back "Womanzier" on two different occassions. I can't knock the hustle. This is way beyond the scope of what she did for Blackout. But it's too bad her performances aren't up to scratch.

Britney Spears' performance on Hey!Hey!Hey! Music champ

Britney Spears' performance at the NTV best artist 2008 awards

I went easy on Britney before, but there's no excuse for this now. Those performances were whack. Sure, she danced a bit more on these occassions than she has in previous performances of this song. But overall, both performances were dusty. The miming is beyond a joke now. The "Womanzier" CD must be worn out with the amount of times they keep playing it back. There were times it sounded like she was singing, but it's all a backing track. Listen to the playback of every "Womanzier" performance she's done and you'll notice Britney's 'real' voice comes through at the exact same points every time. I noted how in her second performance they tried to reverb her vocals to make them sound live. But it didn't work. Bitch straight up mimed. She's been in the game for 10 years; she needs to be coming better than this. A WHOLE lot better.

I feel for those who bought tickets to her forthcoming tour. If this is indicative of what she'll take on the road, then fans are going to be dissapointed. She'll look even worse in comparison to Beyoncé, who'll be touring at the same time: singing live, dancing until she gets whip lash, losing wigs due to violent weave thrashings and throwing her arse down flights of metal steps to entertain crowds.


  1. LOL @ the Beyoncé comments. So true.

    ...oh yeah, Britney's a joke...


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