Ciara and Super C

Ciara recently sat down to talk a bit about her alter ego Super C (what is it with these damn alter ego's!?) and why her album Fantasy ride has been pushed back...again! She gives every excuse for the push back, except for the actual truth: "I didn't want my sales to get trampled by Beyoncé and Britney's" and "My single featuring T-Pain bombed on the charts".

Fantasy ride is turning into some form of joke now. All of the push backs, the leaked songs, the change of singles and then a single which did nothing on the chart but fall out of it.

I like Ciara and copped her first two albums which I throughly enjoyed, so I hope Fantasy ride turns out to be a good 'un. But all this debacle over it is doing her arse no favours. I stay bumping "Work" and "Echo" - both of which should've blatantly been singles. I just hope Danja changes the final mix of both songs when Fantasy ride eventually drops and that they actually make the final tracklist. I'd be pissed if they didn't.

I'm also hoping the album artwork doesn't end up looking too tacky. I like the idea of a piece of comic artwork as the cover. But at the same time feel an actual image of Ciara would be better. I don't feel Ciara's at a point in her career yet where she can put out an album which doesn't have a photo of her on the cover. I admire her thinking outside of the box though. She seems to be running with this whole Fantasy ride idea. Still no word on whether the album will still be a 3 disc project though.


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