Hikaru Utada's new book and new single!

Hikaru UtadaMarking Hikaru Utada's 10th anniversary in the music game, she is set to release 2 books in 2009 titled "Ten" and "Sen", which if memory serves correctly was featured in a line from her song "Deep river"! "Ten" will be a book chronicalling Hikaru's entire career, from her debut up until her divorce and beyond - with initmate looks at her process of creating music and songwriting. "Sen" is said to be a collection of her official blog messages, along with some brand spanking new pictures.

On the music front, Hikaru Utada is still working hard on her second english language album which is due to release sometime in 2009. It's first single is the tentatively titled "Come back to me" and it's set to impact radio sometime in February! No word on if a big name producer helmed the song, but I have my fingers crossed that Hikaru drafted in some talent for the album. I'd love for her to work work with Rodney Jerkins again. And I'd go crazy if she worked with Danja. I'm keeping Timbaland off my wish list for now, because his sound is a bit of a mess right now. A real shame, because he brought serious heat for her Exodus album.

If I could act as Hikaru's A&R man, I'd enlist Danja, Stargate, Ryan Teddar, Bloodshy & Avant, Guy Sigsworth and Dr. Luke to work on her album. I know these dudes would work wonders with Hikaru, as they're hot producers who have exhibited styles which would suit Hikaru.

I really hope she up's her vocal game for this new album, because she sounded terrible on some of the songs on Exodus.


  1. i personally think danja produced "Exodus 04" moreso than timbaland

    anyway... I'm afraid that if they put danja on a project like this he'd experiment too much or play it too safe


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