Kanye and QDeezy shoot the breeze

Music personality, presenter and actor QDeezy sat down Kanye to talk about his new musical direction with his latest album 808s & heartbreak. A pretty insightful interview...

Kanye spoke sense in this interview. Though to be fair to this nappy head n***a, he usually does. It was cool hearing his reasoning behind the singing and simplistic direction he took with 808s & heartbreak, and that touring and having hundreds of people sing his hooks was part of the inspiration he had for the musical shift. It definitely worked, because whilst only fans would know the hooks to some of Kanye's past songs - everybody knows the hooks to "Love lockdown" and "Heartless". Even friends of mine who don't even like rap or Kanye know the hook to "Love lockdown" and "Heartless".

I can't wait until Kanye does some gigs in the UK. I went to see him when he first dropped The college dropout and that was insane! Kanye was a true showman. He told everybody in the crowd the titles for his next 2 albums back then and even performed a song from Late registration and then Brandy's "Talk about our love"! Him touring with 808s and heartbreak and then having his back catalogue of hits to perform from would be pretty awesome.

A review of Kanye's album: 808s & heartbreak review


  1. Cool ass interview. I used to always think Kanye had the biggest ego in the world, and I still think he does, but I've been loving listening to his interviewa lately because he speaks the truth. I also loved that little snippet of "Paranoid" he did a capella. That was hot!

    Oh you see that 'Ye performance I sent you? I loved that energy!


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