Kanye's performance on SNL

I always love when Kanye does "Heartless" live because the arrangement he uses is so kick arse. I love the strings, guitars and brass used during the chorus section. I like how he took "Heartless" and gave it a new twist, so much so to the point where the song has a completely different vibe to the album version. The album version sounded straight up cold, where-as the live version sounds warmer, but still with that dangerous and ominous feel. I kinda liked how "Pinocchio story" was worked in towards the end.

"Pinocchio story" should've been recorded in the studio. I like the song, but I would've preferred to have heard it cut properly in a studio. I also hated how it was thrown at the end of the album after "Coldest winter". It kind've negated the effect of what should have closed the album indefinitely.

Kanye's third single will be "Paranoid", but the single version will feature The Forehead instead of Mr. Hudson. I have this strong feeling the bitch will be auto-tuned. She best not f**k the song up. I can understand why Kanye had her feature. She toured with him on several dates of his 'Glow in the dark tour' and she's popular right now. But I really don't think "Paranoid" will be or do any better as a result of her featuring on it. I say the video to the song be like the one for "Flashing lights", except Kanye attacks The Forehead in the boot of the car with a shovel.

Thanks to Junlee for the heads up on this performance.


  1. I'm not quite sure what Kanye is doing while he's "dancing", but I love it! He puts so much energy in his performances, and this one is no different. I think his inclusion of "Pinocchio Story" fit perfectly. The only reason I don't like the live version on the album is because of the audience.

    And "Paranoid" could be HUGE! It has that infectious beat and energy about it, but I'm not sure about Rhianna. I'm trying to picture her singing the chorus, and it just isn't working. :/


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