Keri Hilson performs "Can you do it"

She needs to give up. Her album ain't getting no release now. I'm sure Nicole Scherzinger has hit Keri on her sidekick to let her know that she knows how she feels. Keri needs to just focus on her songwriting career. Because solo stardom obviously wasn't meant to happen for her in 2008. It's also a mess how "Can you do it" has been performed a couple of times at events now, yet it's not a single - although it should've been.

As for her performance, it was just okay. It was cool to watch just to hear the song. I wasn't feeling the dusty dance steps, Keri's Queen Amidala wig or the ragged switch into "The way I are", which is the nearest thing to a hit that Keri's gonna get right now. Had her people dropped "Can you do it" or "Cover's blown" right after "The way I are" - things would've been different. But that ship done sailed over a year ago.

In a perfect world... is shelved. Keri needs to give it up. I got love for the chick, but let's not delude ourselves into thinking this album will drop. It's had a stupid amount of release dates, none of which have been kept to, and an albums worth of songs has leaked already. Keri and her people need to give it up. Fans are getting tired of waiting.


  1. Keri either needs to stop dancing altogether, or get better choreographers. I've seen Keyshia Cole bust better moves than her.

  2. *LOL* @ "I've seen Keyshia Cole bust better moves than her."

    Keri needs to stop try'na push her album altogether. Her shit is shelved. Her solo career is not going to take off any time soon. She needs to give it up and just call it a day and stop wasting her own time.


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