Kumi Koda performs "Stay with me" on Music station

A nice performance. Say what you will about the ho, but she sounds good live. I actually prefer how she sounds live over her studio recordings. She has a nice texture to her voice that her studio recording don't capture. The song is some bullshit. But I know as Christmas approaches I'll play it to death. Although I don't think much of the song, I still think it's the best song she's released in a long while. Most of my favourite Kumi Koda songs are the ballads, because they show off her vocals, actually sound nice and they don't have her murdering badly produced cookie cutter urban beats with her overly cooked sexual come on's.


  1. I wasn't fond of the song when I heard it via watching the PV for it - but the performance changed my mind. I was impressed, not bad!

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. When it comes to Kumi Koda's ballads, the PV's never do them justice any more: because they're always the same old, 'winter, fuzzy hat with ear flaps, walking through a street, looking sexy yet vunerable with moments of overacting' bullshit. I didn't like this song when I first saw the PV neither, but like you; I was sold somewhat with that performance.


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